Introducing the 2023 CWRU Motorsports competition vehicle, the SR23, a true marvel of engineering that embodies nine months of relentless dedication by our talented team. Designed to conquer the 2023 Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series competitions, the SR23 represents a groundbreaking evolution in CWRU Motorsports' vehicle design history. The design for SR23 began June 2022 after the conclusion of the 2022 Baja SAE competition. The most notable change was the engine upgrade, transitioning to the 14hp Kohler Command Pro CH440 engine. A change away from the Briggs and Stratton Engine which had been in every SR model since the start of the team. In response to SAE rule changes, this shift set in motion an array of significant modifications to the SR23, also known as "Model J."

Despite the increased weight of the new engine, our design team managed to keep the car's overall curb weight under the targeted 375 lbs. Through meticulous engineering, we achieved remarkable lightweight structures, resulting in an agile and swift car. The SR23's versatility shines through its adaptable and robust 4WD system, allowing effortless maneuvering over diverse terrains. Implementing a torque limiter at the front wheels ensures optimal control and prevents overpowering, a valuable lesson learned from countless hours of testing SR23. To ensure unrivaled suspension reliability, both the front and rear suspension geometries underwent complete redesigns. This enhancement equips the SR23 to triumph over any obstacle, giving us the competitive edge in competition. Moreover, our enhanced adjustability over air shocks enables us to face any challenge with unwavering confidence. The SR23's frame underwent a complete revamp, masterfully accommodating all the new features and innovations. Notably, the braking system was refined for enhanced performance and reliability, while a sleek rear panel was incorporated to optimize aerodynamics, boosting top speed in both acceleration and endurance races.

Thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible sponsors, the SR23 stands as one of the fastest cars ever created by our team. Countless hours and personal sacrifices were poured into this project, reflecting the unwavering passion and dedication of our team members. We invite you to browse the gallery below, a testament to the sheer effort and ingenuity that our team poured into crafting this exceptional vehicle. Witness the brilliance of the 2023 CWRU Motorsports SR23, a testament to the boundless possibilities of engineering and teamwork.




Joining Method:

Body Panels:

4130N CrMo tubular structure

GTAW with ER70S-2 filler material at manually-notched joints

Molded carbon-fiber wet layup body panels with aluminum firewall and UHMW skid plate


Suspension System:

Springs and Dampers:

Steering System:

Double wishbones with custom upright and hub CNC-machined in-house

FOX Float 3 EVOL with added piggyback chamber and semi-active valve

Completely custom rack and pinion steering system machined by BMT Aerospace


Suspension System:

Springs and Dampers:

Semi-trailing arm with 3D-printed titanium load-bearing rear half-shaft produced by BMT Aerospace

FOX Float 3 EVOL with added piggyback chamber and semi-active valve


Braking System:


Pads and Rotors:

Tilton dual master cylinder hydraulic system with Wilwood proportioning valve

Single piston custom CNC aluminum calipers. Outboard front and inboard rear calipers

American Friction pads and single piece rotors



Power Transmission:



Axle Joints:

Kohler CH440 with Baja SAE mandated restriction plate

Gaged Engineering CVT outputting power to final drive gearbox

Custom CNC aluminum, ground steel gears case hardened

Rear - 3D printed titanium, front - carbon fiber composite

Custom CNC aluminum






355 lbs

70.25 inches

33 inches

44 inches